Thursday, September 26, 2013

Author Day at West Marion Elementary School

Who said, "You can't go home again!"?  Well for me, it just wasn't true today! I had the honor and privilege of visiting West Marion Elementary School for an "Author Day". What a blessed event! I felt so loved and welcomed by my  school family. Students in  grades 2 through 6 were respectful, attentive and made me feel so special. They asked wonderful questions and amazed me with their excellent behavior during my presentation of the writing process.   The faculty and staff at West Marion are so sweet and I loved reconnecting with so many of my former co-workers and friends. A special "thank you" to Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Principal, for allowing me to visit.  Also, I want to express my deep appreciation to Mrs. Ashley Greene, Media Coordinator, Mrs. Nancy Talbert, Physical Education, and Mr. Benjamin Moore, Music,  for staying with me all day, encouraging me and supporting my visit.  They are exceptional educators and I love them all dearly. And just when I thought my day could not be any better, I was presented with flowers during my last class.  They were beautiful and touched my heart deeply. It was a remarkable day for me - one that I will never forget. Thank you West Marion Elementary!  

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