Monday, June 16, 2014

Treasures of my Heart

Well... It looks like "Treasures of my Heart" will become a reality!    Treasures of My Heart is an emotional and touching story based on the Historic Carson House built in 1793 by Colonel John Carson.  Mary Carson, wife of Jonathan Logan Carson, son of the Colonel, must make a heartbreaking decision. Due to her advanced age and failing health, she can no longer live alone in her beloved home. As her furniture is being moved and her mementos boxed up, she makes her final walk through the home with her daughter, Margaret and her granddaughter, Moffet by her side. Amid vivid accounts of Stoneman's Raiders during the civil war, a brother-in-law's duel, or tales of the underground railroad, Mary teaches her granddaughter powerful life lessons. The struggle of change haunts Mary, but she is resolved in what she must do. The stories set in the latter part of the 1800's will spark the imagination of children and enlighten them on bygone days of plantation life. It will encourage them to cherish their family memories . . .  for it's their memories that will become the treasures of their heart.  
    I am very excited about this new book and look forward to our release. I  met with the illustrator, Ms. Carly Kauffman, and have seen several of her drawings.  They are wonderful and have perfectly captured what I see in my head when I am writing.  I have been blessed beyond measure to work with wonderful illustrators. Ms. Virginia Palmer, local Marion portrait artist, is an awesome artist that did the lovely pictures for "My Days with Nell". And now the talents of Ms. Kauffman are bringing the Carson House families to life!!! We are tentatively planning a September release date for "Treasures of my Heart". Let's just hope we can get it all together by then.... Keeping my fingers crossed!