Friday, January 30, 2015

I am so excited! Treasures of My Heart is coming!

    Well... It's almost ready! I am so excited to announce, "Treasures of My Heart" is almost ready to send to the printer.  Carly Kauffman, illustrator, and I will meet for, hopefully, our final work session this weekend.  I am so pleased with her work and tireless efforts and encouragement.   I know God placed her in my life to partner with me in this endeavor.     
     If nothing crops up unexpectedly, we should be ready to send "Treasures of My Heart" to the printer by the end of next week.  I should receive the proof copies within two weeks and be ready to order by the end of February.  This book will be a 8.5"x 11" soft cover book with a full color cover and at least eight beautiful black and white pencil drawings in the interior. 
    Launching a new book is a daunting task.  I covet your prayers as I take on this new adventure.